Tierra Linda receives funding from a great many sources, including the State of California. Some of the funds are designated for certain uses, and some are not. The Site Council is a vehicle for ensuring parent, staff, and student involvement in decisions related to establishing the overall goals toward which funds are allocated. Recent projects that the TL Site Council has funded include curriculum support materials, staff development, student seminars, textbooks, technology, the TL Website upgrade, and various site maintenance items.

The Site Council complements the PTA in that we direct funds for certain items, while the PTA directs parent donations for other items.

The TL Site Council meets monthly for the purpose of focusing on ways to enhance instruction, services, and the school environment. Council members include representatives from TL staff, parent volunteers, and one 8th Grade student. The parents are elected to serve a 2-year term, on a staggered basis.

Site Council positions are filled by election every September.