Outside-of-class assignments are given to students to practice, reinforce, or extend classroom learning. Students at TL should plan to spend 45–90 minutes per school night (45 minutes in 5th Grade and increments of 15 minutes for each successive grade) on assignments and related activities. Parents are encouraged to provide a quiet place and consistent time for their child to do homework or to study–enabling students to develop responsibility.

Students who complete their assignments or request assistance tend to perform better academically. They also feel better about their contributions in the classroom. To support students, Guided Study is an after-school program for students who don’t submit homework on the due date. It is also available to any student needing support. There are always rooms available from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. for the purpose of Guided Study. This program should be seen as a support for all students and not as a punitive measure. Guided Study is not a disciplinary response; it is intended to help students succeed academically in school and learn to take responsibility for their own work.