Lower house students (5th and 6th Grades) will have a core curriculum that includes Humanities (integrated English and Social Studies), Mathematics, Science, and PE. Their electives may include Music, Visual Arts, French, Spanish or Technology.

In 7th Grade, the core subjects are Humanities (integrated English and History), Mathematics, Science, and PE; their electives are Spanish, French, Music, or AVID.

In 8th Grade, students have core subjects of English, History, Mathematics, Science, and PE with possible electives in Music, French, Spanish, or AVID.

5th Grade curriculum overview
6th Grade curriculum overview
7th Grade curriculum overview
8th Grade curriculum overview

All students will be part of the same Advisory group for their entire time at TL. The philosophy of an advisory program is to provide adolescents with an adult who advocates for them in times of need. Advisory groups meet each morning for 10 minutes and will also have a scheduled period on Wednesday. We will focus on maintaining a ridicule-free environment with programs offered at each grade level based on the premise of mutual respect.

Extra-curricular opportunities are available before and after regular school hours and include a variety of activities in the areas of music, athletics, the arts, or special interest. Participation in any extra-curricular activity is a privilege. Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA as stated in the Ed Code. Any F grade (regardless of GPA) will mean that a student’s eligibility can be withdrawn at the discretion of the staff. It is our hope that students can maintain a healthy balance of academic and social involvement.