Mission Statement:

With the support of our teachers, staff, families, and community, Tierra Linda Middle School is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and academically challenging environment. Through an innovative, rigorous, hands-on, and standards-based curriculum, we foster intellectual curiosity, collaborative and critical thinking, and effective communication. Instruction is aimed at supporting each student’s ability to achieve at the highest levels and we encourage all members of the community to contribute to the support of student learning. We work together to prepare our students academically, emotionally, physically, and socially for meeting the challenges of the future with confidence and compassion.

Tierra Linda Middle School Vision Statement:

In support of the San Carlos School District’s Strategic Vision, Tierra Linda Middle School has adopted the common core standards and will strive to be an example of 21st Century Learning by 2018.

  • Students are excited and eager to be at school. They embrace learning, are creative and work collaboratively, and are great team players. They serve their community and are globally and environmentally aware. They readily utilize technology, think critically, explore uninhibitedly, develop strong self-esteem, and feel confident to take on academic risks.
  • Teachers and staff feel inspired and empowered. They are continually developing and sharing their knowledge and skills in an open, collaborative environment. Teachers and staff have the time, funding and resources they need to create an innovative, relevant learning experience.
  • Families are active participants in their student’s education, and partner with teachers to foster continued learning outside of the classroom. There is an inclusive culture with strong, effective communication. There are opportunities for knowledge sharing, and families eagerly participate and volunteer.
  • The Collective Community shares responsibility for student growth and provides sponsorship, authentic experiences, expertise, resources and opportunities to link education to the real world

Academic performance is an important part of our goals at TL. Students are expected to work to their potential and to be successful must achieve a 2.0 GPA average over the three trimesters. Honors standing will be recognized each trimester and will be awarded to those students with a 3.5 GPA. One of the most important lessons we can teach our students is academic responsibility and with the social pressures of adolescence, this means focusing on school work at the appropriate times while maintaining those peer relationships that are so important to them.

The staff at TL is committed to supporting all students. To that end, we have an SST (Student Study Team) structure that provides a forum with parent and teacher input for students in need of support. A 504 Plan provides accommodations for students in general education classes while our RSP program is developed based on an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for those students who may need a modified program on a withdrawal basis.

During this exciting year at Tierra Linda, it is important to remember that the success of our students is dependent on the efforts of the students themselves, the parents, and the school staff. Communication will be a vital piece of the puzzle. We urge you to be involved with your child’s education either as a member of our PTA or as an interested parent. Please feel free to call teachers for updates in all situations, and remember that there are always two sides to a story and it’s important that you get both perspectives.


TL, A Poem by a Student